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Our Package Details

Standard Resale Homes


Resale Homes for upto 500K

Buyer to Specify the properties to see

2 Bathroom


Any Resale Homes upto 500K Worth. Additional fees will be applied if the price is above 500K.

Buyer should be aggressively looking for variour properties matching their criteria and request showings. Max of 10 Showings are Allowed

2 Bathroom

  • Identifying and Showing the suitable properties as per the requirements
  • Providing Comparables and Providing the Opinion of the value of the  property
  • Preparing the Offers and Negotiating the price, Incentives, Personal items, Closing Costs etc
  • Design Option Selections, Inspections, Lender selection, Loan processing Help, Closing Help etc. 
  • If Buyer Purchases a new home after multiple showings, commission will be reduced to 1% plus applicable FMLS fees and Taxes.