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Resale Home Contracts


Preparing Contract and Amendments

Buyer Already Identified the Property

Only One Showing Included


We will prepare all the Paperwork for buying or selling a property from the time of contract to until the closing is completed.

Buyer Already Identified the Property and verbally negotiated the price and other terms with the seller or their agent and needs to formally prepare the contract agreements

Only One Showing is included After the contract is signed, Additional Showings will be subject to additional fees

  • Flat 2000 Commission on Resale Homes purchase agreements and other paper work and any applicable Taxes.

  • Buyer to find the property to be purchased and Negotiated a price.

  • All the contract paper work, Amendments until Closing.

  • If the property purchased is more than 300K, An additional charge of .0012% of purchase price will be added to the fees.

  • Only One time showing included and Additional showings will be charged extra.